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I began my career with aspirations of becoming a doctor, but those hopes were soon dashed when I passed out at the sight of blood in physiology lab.


After completing my B.Sc. at McGill, I worked as a research coordinator for the chair of psychiatry, where I found ways to write about the work we were doing. I later joined a team in the UK supporting science journalists, attending science communication meetings in Oxford and Paris. 

I've written on behalf of cabinet ministers, senior executives and Canada's Chief Science Advisor. I've had the privilege of interviewing remarkable researchers – a theoretical physicist, a chemical engineer, an environmental economist, a neuroscientist – and finding creative ways to communicate their work to a general audience.

However, communicating complex information is not always easy. If you want to reach your target audience, you need to know how to write in a way that is clear and engaging.  

This is where I come in. You can hire me to write or edit your report, proposal, article or web content, confident that the process will be easy and streamlined – from beginning to end.


Public health, climate change, sustainable cities and biodiversity are topics that especially interest me. When I'm not reading about active transportation or researching native plants, I’m out canoeing, cross-country skiing or dancing the Lindy Hop.

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