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Leah Geller

Founder and Principal
Science Writer and Editor


Leah is a senior writer and editor with 20 years of experience communicating complex information in an engaging and meaningful way. With a B.Sc. from McGill, she specializes in translating scientific information into content for a general audience. She has written on behalf of  cabinet ministers, research and health care executives, and Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, and was Manager of Editorial at corporate CBC/Radio-Canada. Leah has also been a regular contributor to Canadian Nurse, Research Perspectives and Research Money magazines.


Shelley Sandiford

Science Animation
Videos and Infographics


Over the last decade, Shelley has created videos, infographics and explainers for businesses, organizations and science magazines, including Scientific American and Nature. Before launching her own science media company Sciconic, Shelley completed her PhD and conducted research on the role of protein in muscle development as a Postdoctoral Fellow. From infographics to animated video series, Shelley will work with you to create targeted assets that get you the results you’re after, tailoring your solution to your goals and budget.


Alex Freedman

Science Communications
Trainer and Advisor


For 15 years, Alex was an award-winning journalist, reporting regularly for CBC's The National and serving as their Bureau Chief in Quebec City. Following his career as a journalist, Alex served as Chief of Staff at Laurentian University, acting as senior communications advisor, helping high-profile researchers communicate their work to the media and the public. Today, Alex offers seminars and workshops on the public communication of science, including on topics such as storytelling, understanding media and the art of the interview.  

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