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Why you should invest in your team's writing skills

Updated: May 10, 2022

Whether you work in health, science, research or engineering, you and your team probably spend a lot of time writing.

At a minimum, you and your team communicate through written texts and e-mails. More likely, you also need to write reports, proposals, articles, blogs or white papers. By investing in your team’s writing skills, you can:

Increase your bottom line

Of course, writing great funding proposals can mean more money in the door, but having good writers on your team also helps generate revenue and save money in other ways. For example, a well-written report to a client can improve your chances of repeat business, while clear, concise e-mails can save time and improve productivity internally.

Improve team morale

Investing in your team’s writing skills can help employees communicate with each other more clearly and effectively, so they can connect better and avoid miscommunications. It also provides your team members with a skill they can apply right away in their work, building a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Gain influence

The goal of your written communication may be to simply provide your reader with information. More likely, you also hope to encourage the reader to trust you, talk about you or buy from you. Good writing training helps your team build important skills such as clarity and structure, which can help engage the reader and shift their perspective.

Take the next step

There are many writing courses online, but few provide personalized, real-world feedback to help your team members immediately improve the quality of their work. It's also hard to find writing courses that are designed specifically for Canadians working in the fields of health, science, research and engineering.

That’s why I created my Clear Writing program, which combines a fun, interactive online course combined with customized one-on-one coaching. If you’re interested in chatting about how the program might help you and your team, get in touch.

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